Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Police arrest 15 of suspects in connection with treason

The Federal Police Commission of Ethiopia said 15 of the more than 300 leaders and military officers to be arrested on suspicion of treason while five of them destroyed during the enforcement of rule of law in Tigray Region.

The Federal Police Commission (FPC) said in a statement that it is still searching for leaders and military officers who are still being held on suspicion of treason.

The FDRE and the Federal Police Commission have issued arrest warrants for more than 300 senior leaders and military officers suspected of being directly or indirectly involved in the Junta TPLF treason.

As a result, the list of the most senior officers arrested so far are:
1. Maj. Gen. G. Medhin Fekadu Hailu
2. Maj. Gen. Yidaw G. Medhin
3. Gen. G. Hiwot Sisnos Gebru
4. Brigadier General Insu Ejajo Erasho
5. Brigadier General Fisseha G. Selassie
6. Col. Desalegn Abebe Tesfaye
7. Col. Iyasu Negash Tesema
8. Col. Mebratu Tedla W / Michael
9. Col. Baraki Tamalow Gebru
10. Col. Hailay Mesgeb Masho
11. Col. Fesseha Gedei W / Mariam
12. Lt. Col. Muzei Tesema Seyoum
13. Lt. Col. Fesseha Beyene G/ Kidan
14. Lt. Col. Miruts W / Aregay G / Meskel
15. Lt. Col. Miruts Berhe Abera has been arrested and is being investigated.

Meanwhile, Dr. Addis Alem Balema is one of the 81 senior TPLF leaders who have been arrested.

The list of killed members of TPLF junta during The FDRE National Defense and the Federal Police Commissionย  have launched an joint law enforcement operation are:
1. Col. Tesfaye G. Medhin
2. Col. Yemane G. Michael
3. Lt. Col. Hadish G. Tsadik
4. Col. Maesho
5. Col. Alem G. Medhin

“The National Defense Force of Ethiopiaย  and the Federal Police Commission, in collaboration with other security forces, have been working day and night to hunt down and arrest the remaining officers and TPLF leaders from their hideouts, caves and places of worship” police said.

Police received information that Junta’s TPLF leaders were moving from place to place by changing their clothing style daily after losing the battle.
The commission thanked the people of Tigray State for their significant contribution to the law enforcement campaign so far, and called on the people to stand by the police in their efforts to apprehend the missing persons and bring them to justice.


By Chala Dandessa

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