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6 Characteristics of the Lion to Think About for Your Leadership

As a leader, there are certain qualities and characteristics of lions that you might find useful to consider – for yourself and your “pride.” Let’s explore these. 

1. Protective

You don’t have to watch very many Discovery Channel shows about lions to see how protective they are – of territory, themselves, their young, and so forth. As far as being more lion-like, what do you need to be protective of? Protective of yourself? Your money? Your children? Your partner? Your spouse? Your business? Your colleagues? Your position? Your beliefs?

So, exactly what do you need to be protective of?


2. Brave

Being lion-like means you are brave and courageous. Naturally, you choose when and where to be brave vs. timid, courageous vs. cowardly. We all make choices every day. Look for opportunities today and every day where you can be brave.

It does make a difference, both for you and for others.

3. Willing to fight

Hmm…we know that lions will fight when need be. They don’t pick fights but because they are willing to protect their food, their mates, their territory and so forth, they will fight if necessary. What is the one thing you are willing to fight for?

Many parents would be willing to fight for their children. Or maybe you are a professor who is willing to fight when you see other faculty members being bullied. Maybe you are a teacher who is fighting for particular students who need your “protection.”

What is it for you? Really. What are you willing to fight for? The one thing?


4. Hunters

LOTS of people are concerned right now about financial issues. Someone wrote to me recently that she had overheard middle school girls in the bathroom at a movie talking about how they needed to come up some ways to earn money because their parents had been cut way back at work. You might be one of the people who is “hunting” for money. You might be hunting for it for your own personal situation or you are hunting money for projects at work or for community needs and the like.

But what else do lion-like folks hunt for? You might describe it thus:

  • Bravery to find what really makes me happy
  • Bravery to ignore what others feel is successful and find my own success
  • Bravery to dare to make dramatic changes in the path of my career that will also change my personal life…and vice versa

What are you hunting? And just like a lion on the savanna, you may or may not find it, but you hunt regardless.

african lion

5. Group members (part of a pride) + 

6. Loners in the big scheme of things

The last two – being part of a group (that is, a pride) and also being somewhat loners in the big scheme of things – let’s think about these together.

As a person who is seeking ways of staying positive, no matter how crazy things are around you, you need to see yourself as being part of a pride – a team, a family, a group, an association, a community – or whatever you might call it. Leaders have to deliberately assemble their group – small or large – that will assist them in their – if I may use this word – survival. Lions aren’t part of prides for no reason. There’s a reason. You need a “pride” of your own if you are to “survive” in your positive place.

And, here’s the other part (at least as my young brain considers this); we are also loners in the bigger scheme of things. What I mean by that is, just as lions are not hanging out with all the other animals but rather hang out – sometimes completely alone – but certainly mostly just with a few other lions, you may need to separate yourself sometimes.

Consider what you need for your own positive leadership and see if some of these lion qualities support you in your goals.

Meggin McIntosh

By Chala Dandessa

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