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Asfaw Meshesha, Esteemed Talk Show Host, Passed Away

Asfaw Meshesha, Esteemed Talk Show Host, Passed Away

Asfaw Meshesha, a distinguished television personality and talk show host, has regrettably passed away. The news of his demise surfaced on social media channels on Saturday evening.

Asfaw suffered a stroke in October 2023, prompting his medical travel to the United States for specialized medical care. His significant contributions to EBS Television spanned several years, beginning upon his return to Ethiopia from the United States where he had been residing.

Widely admired within and beyond Ethiopia, Asfaw played a pivotal role in the success of EBS. The television station covered the expenses related to his medical treatment and travel to the U.S. However, additional fundraising efforts were necessary, resulting in a remarkable community response that raised over $200,000 to offset the remaining medical costs.

At present, the family has not disclosed details regarding funeral arrangements or the timeline for transporting his body back to Ethiopia.

Asfaw Meshesha is survived by his son, Samson (Japi) Asfaw.

Borkena expresses heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Asfaw Meshesha during this difficult time.

Ethiopia Grieves the Loss of Asfaw Meshesha’s Radiant Presence

In a somber moment, we bid farewell to the esteemed Ethiopian radio and TV host, Asfaw Meshesha, who succumbed to his battle with cancer. Asfaw initially captivated audiences on FM Radio 97.1 Irie Music at 2:00 PM, leaving an indelible mark with his distinctive voice and engaging presence.

Upon his journey to America, Asfaw continued to shine as he joined “Nuro Be America,” becoming a cherished personality among the diaspora. Upon returning to Ethiopia, he graced the airwaves as the main host of a beloved Sunday show, further solidifying his place in the hearts of listeners.

As we mourn the loss of Asfaw Meshesha, let us remember the joy and inspiration he brought to countless lives through his passion for broadcasting. His legacy will echo through the airwaves, a testament to the impact he had on the Ethiopian media landscape. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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