Many Chinese are asking to stay in Ethiopia because of the threat of the Coronavirus epidemic

Due to the threat of coronavirus, a large number of Chinese are extending their visas to stay in Ethiopia.

It is said that the Chinese have been staying in Ethiopia for various jobs and are currently seeking leave to stay in Ethiopia for fear of the flu.

Immigrant Gosaye, head of immigration at Bole International Airport, told the BBC that a few Chinese people have been receiving a visa request to stay in Ethiopia.

“The Chinese are asking for a stay in Ethiopia,” he said. With this in mind, the government is extending the stay for Chinese and foreign nationals in question.

To avoid lawlessness, the former Chinese were granted 10-day extensions when asked to extend their stay, but now they will be given a one-month visa, depending on the situation in their country.

In addition, on some social networking sites, many Italian tourists refused to stay in Ethiopia, despite the fact that their visa expires in the country, fearing the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic in their country.

The BBC has asked the Italian embassy in Addis Ababa to verify that, and in response, he has been told that such a claim has not been made and that what has been said is a “false rumor.”

Ifefa told the BBC that he had tried to verify this information and that no requests for extending a visa by the mentioned Italian tourists had been made to the BBC.

Source: BBC News

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