Defense Minister Dr. Kenea Yadeta says the TPLF has been wiped out

He was speaking during a meeting with members of the Tigray Regional State Special Forces and militia members who are undergoing rehabilitation training at the South Command Training Center.

“The bloodthirsty group has set you on fire and destroyed you,” said Defense Minister Dr. Kena Yadeta.

The TPLF has never been able to retaliate against Ethiopians for its own selfish interests and thirst for power.

“But you have to complete your training and return to your normal life without being disturbed by lies,” he said.
Lt. Gen. Hassan Ibrahim, Head of the Cooperative Training Department, on his part, said that great efforts are being made to bring back the citizens who joined the Junta, knowingly or unknowingly.

“We are grateful for the care that our defense forces have been providing since we surrendered without firing,” said the surrendered members.
He reaffirmed that they will continue to stand together for the peace of their country.
It is said that 764 citizens are undergoing rehabilitation training at the South Command Training Center.

Other senior officers, including Lt. Gen. Hassan Ibrahim and the head of the Tigray Prosperity Party’s office, were present at the meeting.

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