Eight people killed in tribal attacks in West Darfur locality


Eight people were killed and dozens injured following the intercommunal violence that broke out, in Furo Baraga of West Darfur state on Saturday.

Tribal fighting erupted after killing a 24-year-old man, Ammar Abdel Majid, on Friday night when a group of gunmen opened fire on his shop in the Furo Barnaga market.

Abdel Majid relatives from the Fur ethnic group killed three Darfur Arab tribes to avenge his death.

Adam Rahal, the official spokesman for the IDPs and Refugees Coordination said that Abdel Majid was killed by two people riding a motorbike and armed with Kalashnikovs.

In turn, the relatives of the three killed Arabs Killed 5 people from the Fur tribe to avenge them.

Eyewitnesses told the Sudan Tribune that the Arab gunmen attacked the hospital to kill some Fur people who were inside the medical facility.

The attack resulted in dozens of injuries, further said the eyewitnesses, pointing that the medical staff left the hospital fearing for their life.

The official news agency SUNA reported that hundreds of people burned the local government offices, tax office and shops in the locality.

The burning of public institutions and shops was done by a mob of hundreds of protesters angered by Abdel Majid’s death.

The local authorities deployed security forces in the market area to prevent further escalation.

The West Darfur was the theatre of tribal clashes between the Massalit and Arab tribes in the past months particularly in the state capital Geneina.

The Sudanese army carried out several campaigns to collect arms but the clashes and attacks show that weapons are always in the hands of civilians.


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