Twelve robbers have been arrested, police say

Hanged Sino truck Driver
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Twelve people who robbed a vehicle in East Shoa Zone have been arrested and are being investigated, police said.

Twelve persons were arrested in Adami Tulu Jidu Kombolcha and Liben woredas of the zone, according to Zonal Police Department Media and Communication Head, Aschalew Alemu.

The individuals said they looted a FSR, an Isuzu and a Sino truck belonging to the Peace Water Factory on April 14, 2013 under the cover of darkness.

The robbers claimed to have carried out the robbery with the help of two Vits vehicles with fake license plates and weapons.

He said the robbers, in particular, tied the FSR driver to a tree and took away the stolen vehicles.

The driver, who was tied to a tree, shouted at the local community that he had been rescued by police.

The zonal police department organized a team of investigators based on a driver who was tied to a tree and arrested the suspects along with the vehicles used by the robbers to commit the robbery.

According to ENA, the stolen vehicles were seized from Dire Dawa, Addis Ababa and Mojo towns where the vehicles were sold during the day and night.

May be an image of outdoors and tree
May be an image of outdoors
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