Press Release from Tigray Interim Administration Concerning Killing of Relief and Aid Workers

The Interim Administration In Tigray strongly condemns the terrorist acts of the ‘TPLF’ and allied element armed groups claiming to be active in Tigray under any banner who have continued their dead end desperate and heinous criminal acts targeting Relief and aid workers operating in Tigray.

The latest targeted attack against MSF lifesaving team Maria Hernandez (the coordinator), Yohannes Halefom ( The Assistant Coordinator) and Tedros Gebremariam ( The Driver) of the organization murdered in Tigray on 24/Jun /2021 has gravely saddened the Interim Administration in Tigray and extends its high call to all concerned to loudly condemn this insane act of terror against the relief and lifesaving efforts by different organizations in different parts of Tigray.

At this juncture the interim administration ,affirms and renews its strongest commitments to implement coordinated relief and aid service works in affected areas in collaboration with the concerned bodies of the Federal government of Ethiopia, and strongly encourages resilience and maximum precautions in some areas where these agents of strife are hiding taking the public as shield.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the victims and the entire MSF team in Ethiopia.

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