Ethiopian Ship Docks in Berbera Port After 20 Years

The Ethiopian ship, Gibe, has docked for the first time in Berbera Port of Somaliland after 20 years, according to the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE).

The enterprise announced today that the commencement of regular scheduled liner service at the Berera Port.

Gibe ship, loaded with 11,200 tons of sugar and rice, has already arrived at the port while another Ethiopian ship, Shebele is expected to arrive at the port next week.

Using the Berbera Port will increase the service provision of Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprises.

The Berbera-Ethiopia corridor is also believed to offer competitive service for Ethiopia’s import and export while hugely contributing to the national export earnings, the enterprise disclosed.

Ethiopia owns 9 ships, of which two are tanker ships while the rest have the shipment capacity of 28 metric tons.

ESLSE Communication Director, Ashebir Nota told ENA that additional ships will be deployed after assessing the markets of the Berbera Port.

Djibouti Port covers over 90 percent of Ethiopia’s import and export, he stated, and added that the Berbera Port is now an alternative.

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By Chala Dandessa

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