Somale Region Deputy President Calls On Ethiopians To Defend Nation From Evils Of TPLF

Deputy President of the Somali Region Mustafa Omer called upon Ethiopians to continue fighting against evils of the TPLF terrorist group which conspiring to dismantle the nation.

“The war that is going on in the north of Ethiopia is between TPLF and the federal government of Ethiopia, not between two regions. The TPLF terrorists are perpetrating to destroy law and order the country” Mustafa said.

He said that Special Forces of the Somali region have joined Oromia, Sidama and Amahra forces and militia to reinforce counteract against the outlaw TPLF.

Concerns being raised by the TPLF Junta have nothing with quest of self-administration, rather they are aimed at misleading the international community and disintegrate the nation, he said, calling all to play their share in neutralizing the outlaw group.

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