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Addis Ababa City Administration New Salary Scale

It has been heard that the Addis Ababa city administration has issued a new regulation for the assessment, grading and salary levels of government employees. According to the new rule issued by the city administration, the starting salary of level one is 1,100 birr, and the ceiling of this level is 2,079 birr.

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The starting salary of the last level is 20 thousand 468, and the ceiling is 26 thousand 959 birr. There are nine salary levels in each level, and if the performance evaluation results of any civil servant are average or above average and the salary does not reach the ceiling, they will get the salary increase allowed by the salary level every two years.

When the salary level determined by the new regulation comes into effect or the salary level is changed, the salary of a civil servant will be raised to the basic salary if it is lower than the basic salary determined for the position he holds. As stated in the regulation, the government employee’s salary which is equal to or higher than the salary ceiling of the position will not be increased.

The regulation issued by the city administration is enforced by the Public Service and Human Resource Development Office of the Addis Ababa City Administration. Among the responsibilities and powers are to carry out the assessment and classification of job positions according to the regulations and to monitor the implementation, to make job titles consistent and to assign identification codes to job positions, to investigate and respond to job classification complaints.

Chck Out Addis Ababa City Government Civil Servants’ Position Rating, Grading and Salary Scale Regulation.

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