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Addis Ababa’s Corridor Development Project to Boost City’s Green Coverage

Addis Ababa’s Corridor Development Project to Boost City’s Green Coverage

The Addis Ababa City Beautification and Greenery Development Bureau has announced that the ongoing corridor development project in the capital is set to significantly enhance the city’s green coverage.

As the rapidly growing population of Addis Ababa has led to an increased demand for infrastructure development over the years, the city administration has been undertaking various initiatives to address longstanding challenges in this area. One such initiative is the corridor development project.

“Once completed, this project will not only address the community’s infrastructure needs but also transform the city’s overall appearance and aesthetics,” said Yimegnushal Tadesse, Deputy Head of the Beautification and Greenery Development Bureau.

Yimegushal acknowledged that previous development projects were not well-integrated with greenery development efforts, hindering the city from achieving an appealing appearance.

However, she noted that over the past five years, the city’s growth has been aligned with greenery development, leading to concerted efforts to create a clean and attractive environment for residents.

The recently launched corridor development project is expected to provide additional impetus to these efforts by addressing challenges that have hindered the implementation of greenery development guidelines in line with the city’s standards.
“This project will play a crucial role in promoting tourism and extending visitors’ stay in the city by enhancing its aesthetics and green coverage,” Yimegushal said.

According to data from the bureau, greenery development efforts undertaken over the past five years have increased Addis Ababa’s green coverage from 2.8 percent to 15 percent.

The corridor development project is part of the city administration’s broader strategy to address infrastructure needs while promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly urban environment for its residents and visitors.

Source: EBC

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