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Colleague reveals details about the death of Klaus Otto Nagorsnik

In April, “Gefragt – Gejagt” star Klaus Otto Nagorsnik died completely unexpectedly at the age of 68. Now moderator Alexander Bommes comments on the circumstances.

Next year, the quiz show “Gefragt – Gejagt” will celebrate its tenth anniversary on ARD. The format has been running on Erste since 2015 with presenter Alexander Bommes and quickly became a ratings hit. There from the start: Klaus Otto Nagorsnik. As one of the “hunters,” the librarian thrilled viewers and candidates with his knowledge. He was also in front of the camera for the already recorded new season, which starts on May 13th.

But the quiz star will no longer live to see the broadcast. About two weeks ago, ARD announced that Klaus Otto Nagorsnik died “surprisingly in April” at the age of 68. The circumstances that led to his death were not yet known. Now “Gefragt – Gejagt” presenter Alexander Bommes has given an insight into his colleague’s final hours.

Klaus Otto Nagorsnik der Bibliothekar, Alexander Bommes, 250te Sendung Gefragt Gejagt, Studio Hamburg, 07.03.2018, *** Klaus Otto Nagorsnik the Librarian , Alexander Bommes, 250th broadcast Gefragt Gejagt, Studio Hamburg, 07 03 2018, Copyright: xEventpressxMPx

On Friday, the ARD star was a guest on the “NDR Talk Show” and reported that Klaus Otto Nagorsnik “according to the neighbors fell asleep in his apartment – ​​luckily with loud music and with a crazy anticipation of Hamburg.” “Asked – Hunted” is recorded there. The librarian was supposed to check into the hotel in the evening, but he didn’t show up.

The next day the team was given the sad news. “We were deeply affected and thought about what to do next. We still had four days of filming ahead of us,” says Alexander Bommes. “Then we came together, remained silent for him, then clapped for him, that’s what he would have wanted. Then we continued for him too, but that was brutal.”

For Klaus Otto Nagorsnik, “the show was a huge part of his life.” He “loved the hunter job and we loved it too,” said the moderator. The 68-year-old was one of the audience favorites. Its final episodes will be shown on Das Erste from Monday, May 13th, weekdays from 6 p.m.Sources used

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