Fri. May 24th, 2024

How AI Could Be Smarter Than Humans in 2025?


Musk predicted that “AI will be smarter than any human by the end of 2025. An AI expert and ethicist, Nell Watson, agreed this could happen.

Elon Musk has predicted how artificial intelligence (AI) will evolve. The SpaceX and Tesla CEO is optimistic that AI will be smarter than humans in less than two years, and another AI expert believes this can happen.

She gave a timeline of how the AI evolution could happen.

According to her, this is possible because, in April 2024, major corporations invested over $100 billion in new computing infrastructure. Musk previously said the chips limited AIps but would soon be limited by electricity demands.

New generative AI models will make possible, by May 2024, the development of Agentic AIs, which can autonomously carry out complex action plans like Agent Smith in “The Matr.”s.

By June 2024, Agentic AIe capable of complex reasoning and independent action can be created using a new generative AI model with structuring algorithms placed on top of it. Intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) can solve complex issues thanks to agentic models, which can divide up like Agent Smith in The Matrix and assign jobs to each other.

In September 2024, Watson believed it could devise fresh approaches to improving processing efficiency and AI performance.

She projected technological advances in October 2024 that would allow quantum computing algorithms to run on conventional hardware and analyze data at previously unheard-of speeds. Global efforts are being made to develop quantum computers that can solve important problems in nearly every sector of the economy, including aviation and finance.

In quantum computers, “bits” of ones and zeroes are replaced with “qubits,” which can simultaneously be one, zero, or both. If quantum computing could run on conventional hardware, the progress of AI may be significantly accelerated.

Watson expected that by year’s end, AI advancements would make it possible for disparate systems to collaborate. With the help of new AI architectures, many models can combine their abilities to tackle challenging issues. This will help create more effective strategies for this kind of cooperation, which will quickly advance these methods.

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Artificial Intelligence Can Drive Humans to Extinction?

Tech experts have warned that AI could lead to human extinction. As it involves and outsmarts humans, many laborers will eventually be replaced in their workplace.

A global team of scientists polled 2,778 AI professionals about the future of the systems, and 25% of them said that technology would wipe out humanity.

But an even more concerning prediction was made by one in 10 researchers, who estimated that there would be a terrifying 25% chance that AI would wipe out the human species.

The experts listed three possible explanations for why AI might take over: (1) AI being used by authoritarian rulers to manipulate their populace; (2) AI systems exacerbating economic inequality by favoring some individuals disproportionately; and (3) AI enabling threatening groups to develop potent weapons, such as genetically modified viruses.

When asked about four occupations that could become automatable, experts said truck drivers, surgeons, retail salespeople, and AI researchers. By 2116, the experts predicted a 50% chance AI would completely replace such positions.

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