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GCS: More Convoys Carrying Aid Arriving in Tigray

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The federal government said it is exerting all efforts to ensure aid delivery to Tigray as more trucks carrying humanitarian assistance flow into the northern Ethiopian region.

Humanitarian groups are delivering aid supplies following the signing of a cessation of hostilities agreement between the federal government and TPLF earlier this month.

Under the peace deal, the government pledged to work with Humanitarian agencies to expedite the provision of aid.

On Wednesday, the Government said it is “exerting all efforts to deliver humanitarian assistance and restore basic services in the Tigray region. 

The delivery of humanitarian assistance is being undertaken through multiple corridors, according to the government Communication Service data from the past 4 days.

Gondar Corridor  

26th November: 30 WFP trucks arrived from Gondar to Shire via Humera carrying 1,137 metric tonnes (mt), and 10 WFP trucks are en route from Gondar to Mai Tsebri with 212mt of food commodities. 

27th November: 24 WFP trucks departed, carrying 1,043mt from Gondar to Shire. 

28th November: 11 WFP trucks are loading in Shire Town destined for Mai Tsebri. 

29th November: 17 WFP trucks departed from Gondar to Mai Tsebri/Dimma carrying 380mt, and 9 Fleet returned from Shire to Gondar. 

29th November: 21 trucks out of 24 departed on the 27th of November have arrived at Shire. 

Kombolcha Corridor  

26th November: 11 WFP trucks arrived in Zata with 324mt of food commodities, and 11 WFP trucks are en route carrying 302 mt of food commodities from Kombolcha to Zata. 

27th November: 54 WFP trucks departed with 1,946 mt of food commodities from Kombolcha to Ofla and Raya Alamata in Southern Zone

28th November: Loading ongoing for Bala and Korem and Southern zone woredas 

29th November: 54 WFP trucks arrived at Ofla and Raya Alamata in the Southern Zone, offloading is ongoing. 

Semera Corridor 

26th November: 34 trucks in total confirmed arrival and offloading in Mekelle as follows: 04 Logistics Cluster organized trucks carrying 77mt of Non-food Items, 28 WFP trucks with 1,223mt of food, and 2 fuel tankers with 95,272 Liters. 

27th November: CRS confirmed 175 trucks in total have arrived in Mekelle. 

29th November: 140 CRS trucks departed Semera to Mekelle. 

Meanwhile, the UNHAS passenger flight left Addis Ababa to Mekelle on November 29, 2022, according to the government communication service.

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