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How to Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers in 7 Days by Khadija Bazzi

The main concern of YouTubers after they create their channels and start working on YouTube is how to get subscribers. There are various methods to get YouTube subscribers but I will guide you through the best method to get 1000 YouTube subscribers in 7 days.

Methods usually used to get subscribers:

1. Wait for Organic YouTube Growth:

You publish a video and hope that YouTube will promote your videos to more people which will lead to getting subscribers.

2. Buy Subscribers:

Some people would resort to buying subscribers from websites like Fiverr. This method destroys your channel, so don’t attempt to use it.

These two methods and slow and ineffective. But the third method below is the one we will be focusing on in this post:

3. Running a Targeted Google Ads Campaign:

Go to Google Ads on Google and then sign up, set up your billing, and click on “New Campaign”. Now click on “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance”. Proceed to select “Video ads” and click on “continue” then “Custom Video Campaign”.

Choose a campaign name and set the bid strategy to “Maximum CPV” which means that you will pay per view. Now you have to enter your budget, you can either set the campaign’s total or a daily budget. Start with $10 dollars if you want and set the starting and ending date of your campaign.

In the “Networks” section, make sure to untick “Video Partners on the Display Network”. In the “Locations” section, select “All countries and territories”. Set the language according to your preference. In the “Excluded types and labels” section, you can exclude your campaign from live streaming and embedded YouTube videos.

Don’t forget to select the best demographics for your channel. To do so, go to the audience section in your channel and check the age and gender of your audience, then go back and select the appropriate demographics.

The Trick Which Will Make All the Difference:

In the content section, you can target three things: keywords, topics, and placements.

You are going to select “Placements” and target YouTube channels that are similar to yours in your niche.

How to add the targeted YouTube channels to Google?

Simply go back to your analytics and you will find “other channels your audience watches”. Collect all these channels by copying their URLs and pasting them. Now Google ads will find these channels and all you have to you is add them.

Now that you know this trick, try it out and I’m sure that it will work for you! To know more about the third method to get YouTube subscribers, check out the following video.

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