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Is Your Google AdSense Payment Stuck at Pending?

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Is your Google AdSense payment for the month of October, which is to be issued in November, still showing as ‘Automatic Payment Pending’ in your account? If yes, you are not alone as many users have reported the same problem of AdSense payments being delayed this month.Is Your Google AdSense Payment Stuck at Pending?

There are numerous complaints on Twitter by users waiting for their Google AdSense Payments. “I just noticed my AdSense hasn’t paid out this month and is reading ‘Automatic Payment Pending’ which I’ve never had before.” stated one user and asked for help on the matter.

“Nope, I still haven’t received the AdSense email and the payment is still pending.” another user responded to someone else going through the same problem.

However, there are a few users who said that they’ve received their Google AdSense payments in their bank accounts despite the their payment being shown as “Pending” in their account.

So if you’re having trouble with your Google AdSense payment this month (November), you’re not alone and it seems to be some issue from Google’s end.


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