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123-year-old Kenyan woman seeks companion, says ‘I’m still a virgin’

AMAZING: 123-year-old Kenyan woman seeks companion, says ‘I’m still a virgin’

A Kenyan woman identified simply as Theresie Nyirakajumba has revealed she “is a virgin” at the age of 123.

Nyirakajumba, while showing off her ID card in a recent interview with Afrimax to confirm her age, said she has never been with any man.

The aged woman attributed her abstinence from sex and relationships to her “strong fear” of men

Born in 1900, Theresie said she always turned down proposals while she was in her youth.

The woman, however, said she is still searching for the right man whom she would like to share a special connection with but can’t find one. “So at the moment you can help me and bring me a man,” she said.

“In all my life, I never had a husband. I am 123 years old and it is true that I am a virgin at my age.

“If I had a husband maybe, I would have some children but I don’t have any. No girl would ever spend time standing with a man, never. “I didn’t want to engage with men, I had a strong fear for men and that prevented me from any potential relationship throughout my youth.

“I would see men coming to my hometown, but I never developed a love for someone.

“We had to sit inside our parents’ houses and help our mothers to do some domestic work while learning from them about how to treat a man well.

“After some time, men would show up and propose to our parents, who would tell us about the pending marriage and we readied ourselves. “But in my case, I turned down many proposals because I didn’t feel like I wanted to marry back then.

“Some of my friends were proposed to by men and they were married, but for me, I never felt ready for that and that’s why I chose to wait.

“There was I time I started to develop feelings for men and I wished to have someone to spend my time with.

“By the time I had developed such feelings, I was no longer a young woman who attracted men.

“I was old and that played a role to restrict men from approaching me.”

Theresie said she has not given up on finding a companion despite her age.

“Of course, if I can find someone who is interested in me, I would not hesitate because there is no woman who dislikes a caring man to comfort and care about her,” she added.

“If a man shows up, I would be ready to entertain the options.

“I know that my age is a big hindrance in my search for a man, but I have refused to give up until I find a good man willing to spend time with me.”

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