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22 New Countries to Join BRICS Alliance at August Summit?

With the vital gathering just three weeks away, 22 countries will see their heads of state gather at the BRICS summit to take place in Johannesburg. Indeed, the gathering will arrive as the economic bloc is expected to set guidelines for its expansion.

22 New Countries to Join BRICS Alliance at August Summit?


The growth of the economic alliance has long been a point of discussion for its members. Now, with confidence in expansionary standards, many countries are set to be considered for entry. Subsequently, more than 20 nations have confirmed their attendance at the crucial summit. Source: CNBC

22 Countries to Attend BRICS Summit

The year has seen a rather surprising rise in prominence for the BRICS bloc. Specifically, it has noted significant economic growth, coinciding with a decrease in the US dollar. Subsequently, as de-dollarization efforts continue, the crucial BRICS summit is on the horizon. Their discussions of vital matters could define its incoming trajectory. 

Moreover, with the event just three weeks away, 22 countries have confirmed their heads of state will be attending the BRICS summit in August. However, the confirmation attendees come as no decision has yet been made by Russian President Vladimir Putin. His presence is expected, but an ICC arrest warrant could threaten his appearance.Source: Reuters

Among the vital topics of discussion will be expansion. Indeed, attending countries are likely to be present to observe the guidelines that will be set to support the bloc’s growth. Whether these 22 counties are accepted will depend on the standards agreed upon by their current members. 

The BRICS Head of Business Council, Stavros Nicolaou, has confirmed that a host of nations have officially been invited. He stated, “What I can tell you is we have invited 60 heads of state. 22 have accepted the invitation from our President. Expect several heads of state to be here. But importantly, the five BRICS heads of state will attend the business forum.”

Nicolaou noted that “geopolitics” has somewhat sidetracked the event. However, he assured that “we don’t wish to be drawn into any sideshows.” Subsequently, it appears as though he is speaking of arrest concerns regarding Putin and his presence.


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