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The young man who handed over his family to the police because of that they were supplying weapons to the bandits in the Metekel zone

“Even though my mother died, it was the local community who took care of me and raised me without any discrimination,” said the young man, who handed over his family to the police in reaction the activity of his family on providing weapons to the bandits in the Metekel Zone.

Bandits in Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State have been killed in a series of attacks on civilians. Others have been displaced.

The youth Mulugeta Anteneh Shili is a resident of Azarti-Tkli Kebele in Dangur Woreda, one of the affected woredas. He remembers growing up in peace and love with different sections of the community in the village where he was born and raised.

Mulugeta’s mother died when he is at the age of 13 from a sudden illness, but the local community raised him as a parent without any problems, he said. Now, he says, he is deeply saddened by the tragic attack on his long-time neighbors in a divisive political conspiracy. He also said that the plot to carry out the attack took a long time and was organized.

He said the attack was carried out by youths  trained by TPLF members in the area in the name of investment. He said that following the siege of Mekelle, attacks in the zone have gradually increased and the resulting humanitarian crisis has increased. According to young Mulgeta, the recent attack on the plant has also affected many ethnic groups in the zone.

He said the attack was carried out by a group of illegal gangs and did not represent the Gumuz community. Mulugeta says eight relatives, including his father, and his family were brutally killed in the attack. He also said that many members of the Gumuz community, who did not cooperate with the illegal group, had been attacked.

According to Mulgeta, the victims need to be closely identified in order to understand the extent of the damage. He said he had handed over three members of his family who were supplying weapons to the group to be held accountable. Following his actions, he said the local community should also expose the perpetrators. He called on the local community to report on the incident and to play a role in bringing lasting peace to the region through forgiveness and reconciliation.

He said the government should continue to carry out activities that promote public solidarity and solidarity alongside law enforcement. The Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State Security Task Force has been set up by the federal government to enforce the law. ENA reports that relative peace is prevailing in the zone.



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