Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Members of the Tigray Regional Police who have received rehabilitation training have been deployed in the region, according to the Federal Police Commission

The Federal Police Commission (FPC) announced that it has provided short-term rehabilitation training to members of the Tigray Regional State Police.

The commission said in a statement to ENA that it is working to establish peace and stability in the state, organize security institutions and hunt down the remaining Junta leaders.

He said the mission of the National Defense Forces and the Federal Police is being carried out in a coordinated manner to ensure peace and security in all parts of the state.

According to the commission, the members of the Federal Police, who are indigenous to the state, have been provided with rehabilitation training in order to satisfy the people in peace and justice.
“The deployment of native-language police officers to the region is timely to alleviate the community’s problems and clean up the dispersed gang,” he said.

According to ENA, the commission has been tasked with ensuring that the people affected by the Junta’s false propaganda return safely to their previous social and economic activities.

By Chala Dandessa

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