Wed. May 18th, 2022

The Current Concern of Oromia Prosperity Party on Deliberate Attack on Wollo Oromo by Amhara Special Force

According to Oromia Prosperity Office:

1) In the Amhara region; Many innocent lives have been lost in the recent attack on Wollo Oromo; Massive property destroyed; Many have been displaced.

2) This heinous act was committed by the Amhara National Regional State Special Forces and Armed Forces; It has also been confirmed that some regional leaders also participated in the issue.

3) This is a deliberate act of cruelty against the innocent; When it was planned; We have proved that the goal is to bring the certain groups to power by overthrowing the government.

4) Kill innocent people knowing there is no Shane army in the area; It is unacceptable to spread rumors and try to disprove them by pretending that the action is against Shane. It does not escape accountability.

5) Therefore, the Oromia Prosperity Party strongly condemns this heinous act; He fights!

The Oromia Prosperity Party urges the government to identify those directly and indirectly involved in this terrorist act and bring them to justice immediately !!
We recognize that this atrocity by the government does not represent the two peoples and does not undermine the centuries-old unity of the two peoples.

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By Chala Dandessa

Name: Chala Dandessa. I was born in West Shewa Zone, Chobi District of Oromia Region, Ethiopia in 1989. Founder of Ethiopians Today Website Currently I am Lecturer at Jimma Teachers College. Peace and Unity for our country!

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