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State Minister Redwan Hussien briefs Ambassadors of Members of #UN Security Council and #SouthAmerican countries on pivotal issues in Ethiopia

State Minister, H.E. Ambassador Redwan Hussien had a briefing today (May 06) with Ambassadors of the members of the UN Peace and Security Council and South American countries residing in Ethiopia on critical issues in the country.

In his briefing on the situation in Tigray, Ambassador Redwan said the government has made significant strides in addressing many of the concerns of the international community.

In this regard, he said the issue of access to humanitarian support has been adequately addressed with the notification system that is now in place. Some of the pocket areas that were inaccessible are now being reached out through military escort, he added.

The issues related to visa extension and permits to communication equipment have also been addressed by the government, he explained.

In this regard, those who contribute significant humanitarian support on the ground, such as the USAID are being granted visa extension permits, and a guideline has also been introduced to respond to requests for permits to use communication equipment, he said.

Reiterating that the government is still covering 70% of the relief support in Tigray, Ambassador Redwan called on the international community to scale up support to people in need in the region.

While noting the UN-EHRC joint investigation on alleged human rights abuses, he informed Council members that the Attorney General has been conducting a separate investigation and a briefing will be given to the media to announce the outcome of its investigations.

On the Ethiopia-Sudan border dispute, Ambassador Redwan explained how Sudan took unfair advantage of the situation in the Tigray region to invade Ethiopian territories.

Recalling the OAU decision to respect colonial borders, he expressed serious disappointment over Sudan’s claim of the Benishangul Gumuz regional state.

He explained that Sudan is serving the interests of a third party and said that the international community should have called out Sudan for its aggressive behavior.

Discussing the GERD, the Ambassador said Sudan’s concerns are adequately addressed and the Foreign Minister of Egypt has also admitted in his recent address to the parliament that the Dam would cause no significant harm to his country.

The viable way out to end the impasse over the GERD talks is to continue and finalize the AU led tripartite negotiation process under the chairmanship of the DRC president. He expounded on the understanding reached to enhance the role of observers and experts to assist the DRC Chairmanship in moving the process forward.

Speaking about the election, he said Ethiopia is prepared to make it peaceful, free, fair and democratic.

He said 34 million voters have already registered and the number exceeded those registered during the 5th general election.

The announcement of the EU not to send its observers for the election is regrettable, he noted and he explained that Ethiopia was ready to discuss further some of the outstanding issues. He expressed hope that the EU will reconsider its decision.

The Ambassadors have appreciated the briefing and noted the progress made in Tigray, particularly in allowing access to the region with simple notification and ongoing efforts in addressing quests for visa extension and access to communication equipment.

Ambassador Redwan responded to some of the questions raised by the Ambassadors following his briefing.

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