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South Sudan’s president dissolves parliament

South Sudan President

The parliament was dissolved in accordance with the 2018 agreement to form a new parliament

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has ordered the dissolution of the country’s Transitional Federal Parliament (TFP) and regional councils.

The president made the decision in According to the 2018 peace agreement, the opposition government is seeking the reorganization of a new parliament.

The president’s decision to dissolve the country’s transitional council and state councils was announced by a presidential decree broadcast on state television on Saturday night.

Members of the National Assembly and regional councils have ended their term in office following an official decision by state television and radio.

The parties to the 2018 peace deal agreed to include 550 members in the 400-member National Assembly, which has 332 members in Salva Kiir’s government and 128 in the armed opposition led by Rick Machar. Other opposition parties are represented by 50 members.

The parties also agreed that the regional councils should include 100 members who would be divided according to the size of each party. So far there have been 50 members of the State Council, and under the new agreement, the number has doubled.

Following the formation of the executive branch last year, the two chambers were to be dissolved and reorganized a year ago.

As a result of this delay, observers and some government officials denied recognition of the two institutions. This is said to have made it difficult to enact laws and amendments under the agreement. Western nations have been exerting pressure on South Sudan.

The president is expected to form a new parliament next week.


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