Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Ethiopian Satellite Television claims Getahew Assefa is dead and buried in Tigray region of Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s notorious intelligence chief during the last twenty years or so of Tigray People’s Liberation Front dominated administration, Getachew Assefa, reported dead. He served as Director of National Information and Intelligence Services.

US based Ethiopian Satellite Television claimed sources in the Ethiopian Defense Force to report that he died of heart conditions. Furthermore, ESAT claimed that he was laid to rest after a church service in a place called Lukia – in the Tigray region.

It is also claimed that TPLF forces sometime last week relocated Getachew from Kola Temben to Bora and Dela – where the TPLF forces are said to have retreated to.

The report is not confirmed by other sources – including the state media Ethiopian News Agency (ENA)

There had been a federal court order to arrest Getachew Assefa in connection with alleged heinous human rights violations in investigation chambers and prison facilities.

In a related development, there are reports that the Ethiopian Defense Force killed about six military generals that deserted the army to join TPLF forces.

They were killed near Raya Dera and Bora. They were killed following days of fighting that involved airstrike.


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