Sat. May 25th, 2024

“The Ethiopian government cannot be forced to sit down and talk to the TPLF.”

A statement from the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry said, “US repeated attempts to infiltrate Ethiopia’s internal affairs are unacceptable.”
The United States has said in an earlier statement that it will impose travel bans on Ethiopian and Eritrean officials responsible for the conflict in the Tigray region, as well as informal Amhara forces and members of the TPLF.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that Ethiopia should not be told how to manage its own internal affairs.
The ministry said in a statement that it was “saddened” that the US government was treated equally by the TPLF in the House of Representatives, which showed the US administration’s wrongdoing.

The statement said the Ethiopian government was working to hold a national conference, but that any attempt to revive the TPLF would be “impossible”.
The ministry said the Ethiopian government does not expect a wrong decision that will cast a shadow over the election at this crucial time.

The Ethiopian government has lamented the US move to continue to impose excessive pressure on Ethiopia by issuing visa bans to Ethiopian officials.

The US decision will also send the wrong message as the country prepares for the national elections, which are expected to bring a new political era in Ethiopia, the ministry said.

The statement said that if the decisions that interfere with our internal affairs and undermine our public relations are not stopped, Ethiopia will have to reconsider its bilateral relations with the United States.


By Chala Dandessa

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