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The United States has called for a national dialogue in Ethiopia after the election

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The United States calls on the government and all Ethiopians, led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, to commit to a post-election inclusive political dialogue to determine Ethiopia’s future and strengthen the country’s democracy and national unity. Although the US administration, led by President Joe Biden, recognizes the efforts of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia and its staff; He said the environment in which the sixth national election will be held is “worrying.”

Statement from the United States Government Friday, June 4; Released 2013 Through the Office of Foreign Affairs headed by Anthony Blanc. The statement outlined the challenges facing the upcoming Ethiopian election and expressed concern.

“Arrests of opposition politicians, harassment of neutral media, partisanship of local and regional governments, and conflicts across nations and communities are obstacles to free and fair elections,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

State Department Spokesman Ned Price’s Statement He also said that it could prevent Ethiopians from accepting the election as credible. The statement said: “The fact that so many constituencies have been closed due to security concerns and displacement is particularly alarming.”

The statement called on politicians and community leaders to refrain from violence and to refrain from inciting others. All political actors and community leaders need to resolve their grievances through dialogue and dialogue. ” He also called for peaceful resolution of disputes.

US Government Encourages Ethiopian Leaders to Support Free Media and Active Civic Society He called on the government to respect the right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, and to refrain from shutting down Internet and networking.

“These elections should not be seen as a single event,” the US government said. “They must be part of a democratic political process that leads to dialogue, cooperation and agreement,” the statement said.

“The escalation of regional and national tensions in many parts of Ethiopia threatens the unity and sovereignty of the country,” she said, urging that a post-election solution be found. “The post-election period is a good time for Ethiopians to work together to address these differences,” she said. (Ethiopia Insider)

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