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Both the problem and the river is from Africa and the solution should be from Africa

Regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Ethiopia believes that the tripartite process should be successful for Africans themselves.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a weekly statement on current affairs. The ministry’s spokesperson, Ambassador Dina Mufti, said in a statement that both the problem and the river is from Africa and the solution must be from Africa.

Sudan’s Minister of Irrigation, Yasir Abbas, said the softening of the dam was the best way to reach an agreement on the issue.

Ambassador Dina briefed the issue to the newly-elected member of the Security Council this month, Estonian on current affairs in Ethiopia.

He said special envoys carrying the message of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had met with the leaders of Djibouti, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, France, Belgium and Italy.

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