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Artist Hachalu Hundesa’s third album launch and first year anniversary commemoration program was held in Addis Ababa

The artist’s family, friends and many art lovers attended the event.

Artist Hachalu Hundesa was reportedly killed in Addis Ababa in late June last year. The artist’s third album, “Maal Mallisaa”, was launched and released to the audience.

300,000 copies of the song were produced in the first round and the album is said to contain 14 songs.
A candle lighting ceremony was also held for the artist’s death last night.

Speaking on the occasion, the artist’s wife, Fantu Demissie, said, “Although Hachalu is not alive, his memories and works are alive.” After the artist’s death, he thanked all those who supported his family in various ways.

“He further urged those who want to misuse the artist’s name to refrain from their actions. “Hachalu is not only mine but the son of the entire Oromo people,” said Hundesa Bonsa, the father of artist Hachalu Hundesa.

“Everyone should pray for me according to their religion so that my son’s killers can be brought to justice,” ENA reported.

A foundation named after artist Hachalu Hundesa has been established to support the arts in the program.

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