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GERD has a positive spillover effect over the whole Eastern Africa region and beyond – MD, South Sudan’s Sudd Institute

The Sudd Institute today welcomed the Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to South Sudan to its offices. The Ambassador paid a courtesy visit to the Institute to acquaint himself with our work.

During the visit, the head of South Sudan’s Sudd Institute, a national think tank based in the country’s capital Juba, has backed neighboring Ethiopia in its dispute against Egypt and Sudan over the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), saying Addis Ababa has full right to use its water resources for development.

H.E. Amb. Nebil Mahdi , Ethiopian Ambassador to the Republic of South Sudan and Abraham A. Awolich, Managing Director of the SUDD Institute of South Sudan, had an exchange of views pertaining to the areas of cooperation as well as regional issues.

At the occasion, the Ambassador briefed the director on current affairs and the related recent developments in Ethiopia. In relation to the Nile waters utilization and GERD project, he emphasized GERD is the source of cooperation and tool for regional integration.

The project is not for contestation as Sudan and Egypt are trying to portray, and Ethiopia can’t agree on the colonial-era treaties to which it was not signatory, the ambassador added.

Recalling Ethiopia’s long-standing contributions to the people of South Sudan, Abraham A. Awolich said, “It was Ethiopia in our side during all our difficulties.”

Speaking about the Nile waters utilization and GERD, the Managing Director said Ethiopia has full right to develop the Dam that is highly expected to benefit not only Ethiopia but the project that has the positive spillover effect over the whole Eastern Africa region and beyond.

The two sides also expressed their readiness to work in close cooperation in areas of research and studies.

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