Mon. May 20th, 2024

The Joe Biden Administration, US State Department, Secretary Anthony Blinken is officially supporting TPLF, a terrorist group in Northen Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

Secretary Blinken condemned the distruction of the bridges into Tigray and others impedements to access. However, the US government and Secretary Blinken kept silent in condemning the TPLF, the terrorist group who has been destroying the bridges into Tigray and impedements to access in the region.
This clearly shows that the US government and the Joe Biden administration is officially supporting the terrorist group (TPLF) and our enemies in the region. This is a clear message to the people of Ethiopian and the nations in the region. The US Administration and Secretsry Blinken is abusing their offices and powers to pressurize the Ethiopian government, which is unacceptable and repeatdly rejected by the Ethiopian People.

This is an act of bullying, harassment and insult to the Ethiopian people by the Joe Biden administration through Secretary Blinken.
Humanitarian issue is a cover, but it is a hiden agenda and interest of the US to bring a puppet and terrorist group to power as they did in 1991. This model will never happen again and the Ethiopian people are ready to defend the sovereignty of their country. The Americans have already been defeted in the horn of Africa in Somalia. They shouldn’t forget it.
It should be clear to Secretary Blinken that Ethiopia is not part of the US states. Ethiopia is a sovereign State and we can change our strategy if you are not refraining from your act. We understand that most of the officials under the Biden adminstration and former democrat officials have deep ties with Meles Zenaw and his terrorist group.

Mr. Bide and Secretary Blinken, enough is enough, stop supporting TPLF a terrorist group in Northen Ethiopia Tigray. Stop interefering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia.
The Ethiopian government must also primarly close its Embassies in countries like Ireland, Finland and USA. They are our historical enemies.

Article by : Ayana Angassa

By Chala Dandessa

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