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Corona-infected Indonesian man dons wife’s burqa, boards plane to escape quarantine

The Indonesian Police arrested a man who wanted to escape quarantine by boarding a plane, donning his wife’s burqa.

Local media reported that the man, DW, boarded a plane from the City Link company to escape to another city. He fooled the airport authorities and airline and boarded a plane from Jakarta for Ternate, northeastern Indonesia.

The man who was infected with coronavirus, wanted to benefit from the negative results of the COVID-19 of his wife. He took her identity card and clothes.

Local media said, “He passed through the security at the airport where nobody doubted him.”

When he was on board the airhostess saw him entering the washroom but when he came out he was wearing men’s clothes so she informed the airport authorities.

He was detained instantly at Ternate airport.

He was subjected to another coronavirus test, which came positive so he was quarantined.

Indonesian police said he would be prosecuted as soon as the quarantine ends, and may be imprisoned.

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