Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

TPLF Striving to Make Political Gain by Sacrificing Children: Ministry of Defense

The terrorist group TPLF is struggling to get political gain by sacrificing the lives of children, according to Ministry of Defense.

The ministry told ENA that it is public knowledge that TPLF forces, which attacked Alele Sulula and surroundings of Afar region and Kobo of Amhara region during the last two days, have been wiped out. 

The terrorist group has been forcing and deploying underage children trained for not more than three days  to a war they cannot withstand, according to the ministry.

Noting that the group is getting killed children in the hope of winning, the ministry added that TPLF is now collecting the dead bodies of the child soldiers to use them as propaganda tool to tell the world that they were killed by “the National Defense Force” while it forced the children to fight and get killed.

Presently, the corpses of children are collected at Quiha, a town close to the regional capital Mekelle, for this purpose, it was revealed.

The terrorist group plans to disseminate the usual propaganda claiming that the children were innocents killed by the Ethiopian army, the ministry stated.

The terrorist force suffered the blow after its persistent and sustained provocations against the army outside Tigray region, following the withdrawal of the government from the region and the announcement of a unilateral ceasefire.

The ministry stressed that the defense force “has not taken any offensive measure so far.”


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