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Ms Power Plan to visit war-torn Tigray cancelled.

The head of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) which uses aid as a power to intervene in political affairs of a sovereign nation has been snubbed by Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed.

Ms Power was scheduled to meet Ethiopia’s national security adviser and had requested to meet Abiy prior to her trip and visit the war-torn Tigray Regional Zone of Ethiopia.

Yesterday evening, she said she had not met with Abiy or visit Tigray and will depart Addis Ababa on Thursday.

According to the New York Times, Ms Power (pictured) had said during her confirmation hearing to the U.S. Senate that she will use the agency to combat China’s influence in the regions including Africa, East Europe and South America.
It is remembered that Eritrean’s president has kicked USAID out of Eritrea nearly a decade ago.

The tactics of President Afwerki of Eritrea defies the US and its imperialist policies toward Africa.

The Eritrean strongman had said that all African Heads of State need to kick out the NGO charitable industrial complex and design their own reforms by themselves for their own implementation and independence.

President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea said at the time, “anyone who takes aid is crippled. Aid is meant to cripple people… Governments in Africa and elsewhere are not allowed to write their own programs. And when it comes to implementing programs, it deprives you of building institutions and the capacity to implement your programs…We need to write our own programs in the first place. We need to articulate on the projects we write. We need to have a comprehensive strategy, plans on how to implement those programs…Unless we do that on our own, we can’t possibly imagine that we are achieving any of the goals – millennium or non millennium.”

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