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Eight universities, under the coordination of Jimma University, have also provided various support worth 8 million birr to ENDF.

Bonga, Jimma, Welkite, Metu, Wachamo, Welega and Werabe Universities, including Debre Tabor University, provided support.

The institutions provided medical supplies, various medicines and food grains to strengthen the Debark Hospital, which has been providing significant services during its existence.

Representatives of other universities, including the presidents of Bonga Wolkite and Werabe University, were also present to deliver the support.

Jimma University President, Dr. Jamal Abafita, on his part said Ethiopians are here to show solidarity with our people who are fighting bravely in the face of the war of existence.

He also said that universities are contributing to the survival campaign.

Dr. Jamal said institutions and universities in the areas where the struggle for survival is taking place have a dual responsibility to prevent the damage caused by the war and to provide professional support.

He said the issue will not be left to local universities alone.

Dr. Jamal said the support will help universities and hospitals to do their best for the survival campaign.

He said the partnership support of the universities has established a partnership that transcends the regional university structure, which shows that they have come together for national purposes in a way that strengthens Ethiopian unity.

Dr. Jamal said the support will strengthen people-to-people unity beyond institutional partnerships.

In his message, the President said the security of each of us cannot be guaranteed unless the security of all of us is guaranteed everywhere.

He thanked the universities of Debark, Gondar and Bahir Dar, as well as the local community for their hospitality, love and care.

The presidents and representatives of other universities also said that foreign enemies and internal gangs are challenging the sovereignty of the country in a coordinated and readable manner.

He recalled that the Ethiopian people have a history of defending and upholding the sovereignty and dignity of the country, both internally and externally.

At the same time, he said, the people are struggling to survive. He said the support of the universities is part of this story.

According to Amiko, every Ethiopian should play his part as he is an example for Africa and an international force that can withstand international pressure.

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