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New era for Afghans as Taliban leaders ready to rule

The Taliban seized control of the nation in little over a week after a rapid advance that culminated in Kabul as Afghan troops trained and equipped by the US and others at the cost of billions of dollars melted away.

Naeem said that the new Afghan regime’s structure would be revealed shortly, adding that the Taliban do not want to live in isolation and urging for peaceful international ties.

“We have achieved what we sought, which is our country’s freedom and the independence of our people,” he added. “We will not let anybody to utilise our grounds for the purpose of targeting anyone, and we do not want to do damage to anyone.”

According to a US State Department spokesman, all diplomatic staff, including Ambassador Ross Wilson, were transported to Kabul airport to await relocation. The American flag was down and removed from the embassy grounds early Monday.

Hundreds of Afghans stormed the airport’s runways in the dark, dragging baggage and fighting for a seat on one of the country’s last commercial flights before US troops seized charge of air traffic control on Sunday.

“How can they seize the airport and impose their will on Afghans?” said Rakhshanda Jalali, a human rights activist attempting to reach Pakistan.

The most perilous statements said by US foreign policymakers
“This is our airport, yet we are seeing diplomats removed as we wait in total uncertainty,” Jilali told Reuters over WhatsApp from the airport, where she said she had received numerous death threats.

Over 60 western nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Japan, released a united statement demanding that all Afghans and foreign nationals seeking to leave the country be allowed.

The statement said that “the Afghan people deserve to live in safety, security, and dignity.” “We, as a global society, are prepared to help them.”

Emergency said 80 injured individuals had been transported to its Kabul hospital, which was at capacity and accepted only those with life-threatening injuries.

Ghani said on Facebook that he fled the nation to prevent confrontations with the Taliban that would jeopardise the lives of millions of Kabul citizens.

In Kabul, local social media users have labelled Ghani, who has not disclosed his whereabouts, a coward for leaving them in disarray. “We are all beating our heads in humiliation,” said a tweet from the Afghan Embassy in India’s verified account.

In Washington, critics of President Joe Biden’s decision to terminate America’s longest war, which began in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, attacks, said the turmoil resulted from a leadership failure.

Numerous Afghans worry that the Taliban would resume their previous severe methods in imposing their version of Sharia, or Islamic religious law. During their 1996–2001 reign, women were prohibited from working and were subjected to stoning, flogging, and hanging.

The militants attempted to portray a more moderate image by pledging to respect women’s rights and protect foreigners and Afghans.

“We are prepared to speak with any Afghan leaders and will ensure their safety,” Naeem told Al Jazeera Mubasher TV.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres encouraged the Taliban and all other parties to exercise extreme caution, expressing particular worry for the future of women and girls in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon authorised the addition of 1,000 soldiers to assist with the evacuation of US citizens and Afghan employees, a US official said.

On Sunday evening in Washington, a senior US defence source told Reuters that about 500 individuals, mainly Americans, have been evacuated so far. The number would grow to 5,000 daily once all scheduled US troops are in Kabul.

European countries, notably France, Germany, and the Netherlands, have also said that they are attempting to evacuate people and some Afghan workers.

Russia said that it saw no need to evacuate its embassy at the moment. Turkey said that its embassy would remain open.

When asked if pictures of helicopters ferrying troops evoked memories of the United States’ 1975 withdrawal from Vietnam, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken responded: “Allow me to take a step back. This is not Saigon.”

Biden has come under fire in his own country for adhering to a plan hatched by his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump, to withdraw the US troops from Afghanistan by August 31.

The Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, blasted Biden for a “shameful failure of American leadership” in a statement issued Sunday.

“Terrorists and key rivals like as China are witnessing a superpower’s humiliation,” McConnell added.

Naeem said that the Taliban would practise non-interference in the affairs of others in exchange for non-interference in Afghanistan.

“We believe that foreign troops will not repeat their failure in Afghanistan.”

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