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Graduate Trainee Vacancy at Oromia International Bank

Graduate Trainee

Application date will be only Six (6) working days from the first date of announcement i.e. from August 23, 2021 to August 28, 2021 [Monday to Friday (morning and afternoon), and Saturday morning  only up to 06:00 o’clock  local time]

Application Date


  • BA degree in Accounting/ Accounting & Finance/ Management/ Business Management/ Economics/ Business Administration/ Banking and Finance/Marketing Management,
  •  Cumulative GPA of 3.00 and above for Male applicants and 2.75 and above for Female applicants,
  • Only graduate of 2013 E.C, [Graduate of September 11, 2020 onwards] will be considered
  • Age must be below 30 years (inclusive),
  • Note the following:
    • Terms of employment……………Permanent up on satisfactory completion of probation period,
    • Applicants are required to appear in person at the registration place (center) and get registered by explicitly expressing the District Office they want to apply for,
    • The assignment place shall be at one of the Branches found under the District Offices and the applicants should only apply if they are willing to work at any place where the Bank will assign them,
    • The applicants are required to register only at one of the registration places (centers) indicated above,
    • Documents required for registrations are;-Application Letter, Curriculum Vitae (CV), original and unreturned copies of degree, student copy and Grade 8th certificate. If the certificate of Grade 8 does not indicate age, applicants are required to bring the copy and original of their Birth Certificate.
    • Language Requirement: For applicants that prefer to apply for Branches found at Finfinne City and Oromia Region, proficiency in Afaan Oromoo, Amharic and English languages are required; whereas for those applicants that prefer to apply at other work places other than Finfinne City & Oromia Region, proficiency in Amharic, English and respective regions’ local language is required.
    • The applicants’ documents should be visible and free from efface, as erased documents will not be accepted.
    • Only applicants graduated in the aforementioned period and those who graduated with the above listed fields of study are eligible for registration,
    • The former applicants who were examined and failed the examination last year should not apply as they will be automatically excluded if applied,
    • Application date will be only Six (6) working days from the first date of announcement i.e. from August 23, 2021 to August 28, 2021 [Monday to Friday (morning and afternoon), and Saturday morning  only up to 06:00 o’clock  local time]
    • The applicants who do not fulfill the requirements will not be considered and should not apply, and
    • Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Employment TypeFull-timeJob Benefits

As per the salary scale and benefit packages of the Bank.

Place of work

  1. Branches found at the Northern part of Finfinne, Oromia Special Zones (Sululta, Chancho Lagatafo and Sendefa), Oromia Region – North Shewa Zone and other Branches found under North Finfinne District Office.
  2. Branches found at the Eastern part of Finfinne City and other found under East Finfinne District Office.
  3. Branches found at the Western part of Finfinne, Oromia Special Zone (Burayu), West Shewa Zone and other Branches found under West Finfinne District Office.
  4. Branches found at the Southern part of the Finfinne City, Oromia Special Zone Around Finfinne (Sebeta, Alemgena and Furi), South West Shewa Zone, Gurage Zone and other found under South Finfinne District Office.

Registration Place

Oromia International Bank’s Training Center, found at Bole Area, Behind Dembel City Center, 3rd Floor on the Building on which OIB Hayu Branch is found.

Outline District Offices 

  1. Branches found at Jimma Zone, East Wollega Zone, Horo Guduru Wollega Zone, West Wollega Zone, Kelem Wolega Zone, Benishangul Gumuz Region, Gambela Region, Mizan Aman Town, Tepi Town, Bonga Town and other Branches found under Nekemte District Office.

Registration Place

Nekemte District Office: found at Nekemte Town, Agip area, Yosef Oljira furniture Building, 1st floor, on building that OIB Kumsa Moreda Branch is found. Or at OIB, Hirmata Branch, at Jimma Town.

2. Branches found at East Hararghe Zone, West Hararghe Zone, Dire Dawa City Administration, East Shewa Zone, Arsi Zone, Afar Region, Harari Region and other Branches found under Adama District Office.

Registration Place

Adama District Office, found at Adama Town, Mabrat Hayil sar tera area, on Building that OIB Arada Branch is found. Or at OIB, Megala Branch, at Dire Dawa. Or at OIB, Jigjiga Branch at Jigjiga

3. Branches found at West Arsi Zone, Bale Zone,  Borena Zone, Guji Zone, SNNP Region, Sidama Region, and  other Branches found under Shashemene District Office.

Registration Place

Shashemane District Office: Shashemane Town, Alaba Mazoria, Degelo Dekebo Building, 1st floor, on the building that OIB Shashemane Branch is found. Or at OIB, Bale Robe Branch, Bale Robe, or at OIB, Yabello BranchYabello. Or at OIB, Shakiso Branch, Shakiso.

4. Branches found at Tigray Region, Amhara Region and other Branches found under Dessie Relationship Office.

Registration Place

Dessie Relationship Office, Found at Dessie Town, Piassa area, in front of Dessie Tower. Or at OIB, Bahirdar Branch, Bahirdar.

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