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Office of the Prime Minister Press Briefing 09 September 2021

The briefing focuses on major activities of H.E. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed over the week, the status of humanitarian support in Afar, Amhara and Tigray regions, including descriptions on the violent atrocities committed by the TPLF in the Amhara Region.

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A. #Activities of PM Abiy Ahmed where he made appearances

  1. On Sunday 05, September, the Prime Minister together with Cabinet members presided over the ceremony of the closing of the successful Green Legacy 2021 Season. The Green Legacy initiative was launched by the Prime Minister in 2019 targeting the planting of 20 billion seedlings in 4 years. So far we have planted beyond 18 billion seedlings.
  2. H.E. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited Senegal and Ghana and discussed bilateral ties and African issues with the leaders of the two countries

B. #Humanitarian Response Update in the #Afar, #Amhara & #Afar Regions:

1. Afar:

More than 76,500 people have been displaced from Fantí Rasu. GoE and WFP are mobilizing resources for the IDPs. As of Aug. 31, NDRMC and WFP distributed 7,655 qtls of food for 45,000 IDPs. WFP has allocated 3rounds of food up to October 2021.

2. Amhara:

the IDPs are mainly from Waghamera, N. Gonder, S. Gonder & N. Wollo Zones. IDPs displaced from N. Wollo, due to TPLF provocations and attacks currently sheltered in Desse Town have reached > 150,000 of which > 140,000 received 23,852 qtls of food as of Aug. 31

8,600 qtls of food are dispatched to Wag-hemera zone region for 51,000 beneficiaries. 2,000 qtls of food assistance has been delivered to IDPs in N. Gonder, Debark who have been displaced by TPLF’s belligerence which could serve up to 13,000 beneficiaries.

GoE works with partners to further coordinate the humanitarian response in N.Wollo & Wag-Hemra zones and N.Gonder Zone. Incident Command Post has been established in Dessie town to oversee the humanitarian response in N&S Wollo to continue in N.Gonder Zone Debark town.

3. Tigray:

As of 4 Sept. 535 trucks of humanitarian support have entered the region. Around 70 aid convoys are still not accounted for after having entered the region. Yet today TPLF posted a statement with images of their fighters on trucks resembling the ones deployed.

Humanitarian flight for personnel, cargo, and cash is still ongoing and movement is being undertaken from Addis to Mekelle through UNHAS flight. As of Aug. 31, NDRMC approved for 31 partners to transport ETB 114.2M to Mekelle for humanitarian operation.

Humanitarian partners: WFP and JEOP (CRS lead consortium) are currently operating in Tigray region and dispatching food to woredas and distributing to beneficiaries.

Humanitarian cargo movement continues to be facilitated through Semera to Abala corridor.

C. Continued #Violence by the terrorist #TPLF:

  1. In Amhara Region, Chena T/haimanot Kebele of Debat Woreda, the terrorist TPLF is confirmed to have committed atrocities on an estimated 200 innocent civilians. GoE denounces these targeted killings. Figures may change after the investigation of the established committee.

These retaliatory attacks are committed by TPLF as they have suffered great losses being routed of Afar and Amhara regions. The Chena massacre is an extension of the Maikadra massacre committed by TPLF’s Samri group targeting over 1000 ethnic Amhara civilians.

  1. In the past weeks, TPLF fighters with UNHCR ID cards on them have been found in Amhara region. It is this same group GoE alerted to have fled into Sudan claiming refugee status. And UNHCR itself has admitted a decrease in the number of refugees that it cannot account for.
  2. It is known that TPLF have been pillaging and destroying places of worship, government offices, health centres. The recent destruction is in Sekota where renowned global athlete Haile Gebreselassie had built a school for up to 500 impoverished children in the community.

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