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Irreechaa celebration will takes place on September 22 and 23 EC. at Finfnnee/Addis Ababa/ and Bishoftu Respectively

Irrechaa Celebration Photo: Anadolu Agency

The decision of the Oromo Abba Gadaa Union the celebration of Irreechaa

The Oromo Abbaa Gadaa Union has decided to celebrate Irreechaa with unlimited number of people by respecting Coronavirus safety protocols. The union has decided to hold the festival on September 22 in Addis Ababa and on September 23 in Bishoftu EC. The Union has issued a statement at Adama after having discussion with stake holders.

Secretary-General of the Oromo Abbaa Gadaa Union and Abbaa Gadaa of Tulema Gobena Hola said Irreechaa is a holiday of thanksgiving and love and everyone should fulfill their responsibility to ensure Irreechaa’s cultural values.

He said some people are interested in using the festival for political purposes, adding that it is against the traditional values ​​of Irreechaa and should be fought by the society.

Irreechaa Celebration 2020

Oromia Regional State Culture and Tourism Bureau Head, Kebede Desisa, on his part said the government will provide the necessary support for the peaceful conclusion of this year’s Erecha festival.

Source: Walta Media and Information Center

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