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Gov’t Strives to Change Diplomacy Landscape of Ethiopia to Ensure National Interest: FM Demeke

Changing the diplomacy landscape of Ethiopia has become pivotal as part of the country’s ongoing far-reaching political and economic reforms, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke Mekonnen said.

Demeke made the remark on Monday at the opening of a 10-day training program organized by Ministry of Foreign affairs to its diplomats serving across the world.

The training aims at transforming the overall diplomatic landscapes of the nation so as to enhance the national interest of Ethiopia in the international arena.

During the occasion Demeke said that changing the diplomacy landscape of the country has become critical as part of the existing political and economic reforms of the country.

Noting that various reforms are underway in Ethiopia, Demeke said that despite the encouraging results of the change, there are anti-peace forces striving to reverse the positive achievements being registered in the country.

According to him, the attempt to abort ongoing reforms during the past three years has also been manifested both at home and international level through fake news and disinformation.

“Those selfish and anti-peace groups have been working to destabilize the country, but the true sons of Ethiopia have been working hard in a spirit of patriotism and solidarity to reverse these evil deeds and the country continued its journey for prosperity,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

The government, that won the recent elections for a better journey of national change, would strive to continue with the reforms, Demeke said stressing the need for all institutions to work in line with this ambition.

Accordingly, the Deputy Prime Minister indicated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is preparing to implement a study and build diplomatic activities that demands the objective realities of the 21th century by employing the digital diplomacy.

“Changing the country’s diplomacy landscape is an important matter to readjust and enhance Ethiopia’s acceptance at the global stage in the ever evolving modern diplomatic mission.”

The 10-day training will focus on reforming the diplomatic missions and help the diplomats become competent in their endeavors with a view to ensuring Ethiopia’s national interest at the international arena.

The training will cover topics related to international and regional events, the reform at home, and digital diplomacy among other issues.


By Chala Dandessa

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