Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Twitter begins to silence pro-Ethiopian voices

Twitter has been suspending peaceful trends and persons that are fighting disinformation through #NoMore global movement, while it never bothers TPLFites that are openly inciting hate and violence, it was learnt.

Twitter has recently closed pro-Ethiopian accounts that were voicing the stance of Ethiopians regarding the current situation of Ethiopia.

#NoMore is a movement that says #NoMore to disinformation, lies, and destructive interference from the West in Ethiopian affairs.

Ethiopians are now urging the Tweeter to restore pro-Ethiopian twitter accounts and stop silencing over 110 million Ethiopians.They said, “Stop suspending #NoMore Movement! Silencing the majority is never the answer.”

In his twitter message, Hamline University Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Endalkachew Chala (PhD) said that Twitter’s Ethiopian content moderation is utterly out of touch with their own safety standards.

“They usually suspend accounts that do not violate their own safety standards while keeping accounts that spread violate contents in Ethiopian languages,” he added.

Ethiopia Think Tank also tweeted that the #NoMore movement is starting to gain traction in the mainstream African ideas market because anti-neocolonialism is worth fighting for. “However, as it gains more traction, expect more censorship of its leaders and anyone influential joining the campaign.”

Eritrean Information Minister Yemane Gebremeskel also tweeted that the #NoMore Movement is on a roll with high momentum and pace. There have been demonstrations in London, Oslo, Milan, Geneva, Israel, the U.S. cities and more. But more than geographical outreach, vision articulated is inspiring: #NoMore to external interventions/unilateral coercive measures.

Politicians and public figures around the world have joined the #NoMore global movement which has been initiated by Ethiopian and Eritrean Americans to fend off West’s coordinated media campaign and undue interference against Ethiopia.

Prominent Chinese politicians like Spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin, Senegalese-American singer Akon, and others have joined the #NoMore global movement, it was learnt.



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