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Oballa meets Joe Biden, tells him TPLF’s atrocities in Ethiopia

Yesterday was a historical day of my life because I was able to meet with our President Joe Biden.
After his speech remarks on Bipartisan Infrastructure law the President went around the room to greet people , at first I was nervous to go in the line to greet him because all State senator’s, congressman/women and representatives wants to meet him first.
I waited patiently for my turn but when Governor Tim Walz pass by me he was able recognized my face and ran to greeted me then he asked me if I had met the President yet, I told him no and he was like well go in the line Oballa and share your story with him.

I was so pumped and immediately the President came toward me and ask my name.
I told him my is Oballa Oballa and he giggle I don’t WHY but after that I told him I am a councilman in #Austin and he was like “Austin Texas”? I told him No, Austin MN one of the best city in Minnesota home of Spam I also shared with him that I fled a genocide from #Gambella Ethiopia which was caused by #TPLF regime and shared the suffering of my Anuak people and others Ethiopian for 27 years under that government.

He felt so sorry and said that should not happen to anybody. Finally, I shared with him how grateful I am to be this nation where I can dream big and become anything I put my mind into but alot of my people are still suffering in Ethiopia due to conflict caused by #TPLF and America should not support the terrorist.
This is the first time a sitting President of America heard about my people and their suffering.
I will be making arrangements soon with his staffs to visit #White #House to share more of my story and the work I do in Austin MN.

This is historical and its something that I will shared with my children years after years as they grow up.
May God bless America and #nomore war in my native country and whole continent of Africa.

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By Chala Dandessa

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