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Council urges Int’l community, media to condemn TPLF’s inhuman acts

Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Council (ECSOC) urged international community and mainstream media to reconsider their position and denounce the terrorist TPLF horrific acts against the sovereignty of Ethiopia and innocent civilians. In astatement sent to The Ethiopian Herald,the council stated that since the war started, the international community has been taking wrong stance and measures that did not rationally take account of the realities which have already put the country and the lives of its people at stake.

Unnecessary sanctions and embargoes have been directed on Ethiopia with the very aim of pressurizing the Government to stop the war and settle the dispute through negotiations, while no visible effort is seen to have been made to exert same pressure on all the conflicting parties.

However, the impositions have not brought desired result rather it threw our ordinary citizens into ditches and made their lives horrific. Council has called the international Communities and Countries to come one step forward to really understand the reality on the ground and refrain from taking unnecessary measures to jeopardize the lives of millions of Ethiopians.

Since the very day the war started, some have presented fake news, misleading information with the aim of damaging personalities, distorting facts, and spoiling Ethiopia’s image. Accordingly the council has denounced international community and some local media which have been providing false information regarding Ethiopia’s northern conflict. The council has been taking steps to save Ethiopia from the danger it is facing and denounce those who stand against the sovereignty of the country and wellbeing of its people.

As a result of this war, lack of peace, instability, displacement of myriads of women and men, including children and the elderly, have been observed in the different places in Ethiopia.

“Besides, conflicting parties have the responsibility to observe minimum standards from the humanitarian as well as human rights perspectives, destruction of infrastructures, like communication networks, water and electric systems, transportation systems, education facilities, health systems, as well as livelihoods and atrocities committed on civilians revealed in recent reports from the Amhara and Afar states are not acceptable by any standards,” it was learnt.

By Ethiopian Press Agency

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