Sat. May 25th, 2024

The Mali Government has officially cut diplomatic ties with France, abandoned French as its official language, and ordered French troops to leave its territory within 72hrs.
The decision was contained in a communique sent out by the spokesperson of the Govt led by Colonel Assimi Goita.

Malian protesters are demanding :

  1. Withdrawal of Mali from the use of CFA Franc.
  2. Nationalization of assets (Gold and others) belonging to France and ECOWAS member nations in the country.
  3. Withdrawal of Mali from ECOWAS over the sanctions placed on Mali.
    “France shall no longer be our colonial masters…
    “We are free people before these men came and colonized our forefathers, they accepted that scenario but we can’t accept it. Henceforth, we shall live as free people.” Mali military Leader.
    Mali becomes the first African country to officially cut ties with France in Africa.

By Chala Dandessa

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