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Start a Blog – Make Money Online

Blogging can help you make money online and have the flexibility to work from where ever you want. There are many successful bloggers who make a living out of it – a very good one in fact, and it could be an alternative career path for you too. Here are the steps you can take to start your blog:

But first of all, how can you make money with your Blog? The best ways to make money online using your blog are AFFILIATE Marketing and DISPLAY Advertising. With Affiliate marketing you make money by promoting other peoples(companies) products on your blog & you will earn a commission from every sale that was made using your link. And display advertising companies pay you when readers of your blog interact with the images & Videos advertised on your blog. Google Adsense is the best advertising network for beginners.

Choose the Right Blog Niche

Start your blog on subjects that you have experience on or something that you want to learn about. It’s good to write about your interests and passions, but if you want to make money blogging you should focus more on what people are searching for online. Online tools like Google Trends or Pinterest can help you find blog content ideas that people would like to read.

Select your Domain Name

Domain name is another name for the URL of your website, i.e. the name that comes before .com, .net ; although not a fundamental to your blogs success it could be a key factor. Don’t over think the process of choosing your Blog Name/Domain, just think of a memorable name that is easy to spell and avoid special characters like hyphens or numbers inside the name.

You will need to sign up for a web hosting services to register your Blog name and also store your blog content data, to get your website live so that people can visit your website online. There are many web hosting service providers and Bluehost is the best option, you will get FREE domain name registration for the first year. Go to >>>  Choose Basic Plan(You can upgrade later) >>> Create a new  Domain name(the one you already chosen/another alternative if that specific name is taken) >>> Create your account.

Install WordPress and Pick a Theme

WordPress is the best blog platform for beginners, and BlueHost will help you install the application automatically in just one click from your account dashboard. You should make your website clean and attractive for readers, which you can achieve by choosing the right WordPress Theme. Start with FREE themes and you can upgrade to Paid themes as your blog grows. You can find unique or custom made website templates on Etsy or themeforest. You should check how a WordPress theme is going to look on mobile phones, as more than half of website visitors are using mobiles to read your content.

Install Some Useful WordPress Plugins

Plugins are useful tools that can be installed easily to extend your websites features and improve performance. For example, a Plugin called Yoast SEO will help you optimize your content for Google and other search engines, while Image Optimizer plugins help you speed up the time it takes for your blog post to load for users.

Work on Getting Readers to your Blog

Google Traffic(Organic Traffic)

The best way to get Readers/Traffic to your website is through Google, i.e. people can find your blog after making a search for a specific subject. This is called Organic traffic(which you don’t have to pay money for it) and is the best option to make money online blogging. However, it takes time and a little bit more strategic work to achieve. Here are some tips to get your blog post rank on Google search;

  • Focus each of your blog post on a specific main keyword(Words people use to make a search).
  • Include these Keywords in the Title of your post.
  • Add the keyword to the first paragraph of your post.
  • Use headings H2 & H3 as a subheading inside your post and add the keywords.

Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest can be a great source of getting readers/Traffic to your website. Since it is a social media that is specifically designed to share your blog post links inside your pins. You can start sharing pictures from your blog post(make sure the size is good for Pinterest) and also pin them on Group boards. You can also use paid advertising on Pinterest to get quick results.

Facebook & Instagram Traffic

You can use Facebook and Instagram to let people know about your blog. Facebook could be a good starting point especially if you use the paid advertising services.

Analyze your Traffic and Posts

Dedicate the time to analyze data about your readers, posts that are performing well, source of your traffic and total page views. Install Google Analytics on your blog and check your websites performance more often.

And finally, Treat your blog as a business and always strive to improve. Take courses that can help you better strategize for new content or social media campaign. Blogging is not an exact science, its more of a trial and error process. Take action NOW! and then get feedback from your action, improve, you will surely make money online from your Blog.

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