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Teacher and 14 pupils killed in Texas school shooting

How the school district broke the news on Twitter

The message was posted three hours ago:

What do we know about the school?

The Robb Elementary School is in Uvalde โ€“ around 83 miles (133km) west of the city of San Antonio, in Texas. It’s a primary school – its pupils range in age from five to 11.

A message on its website currently reads: “Robb Elementary Parents, please do not pick up students at this time.

“Students need to be accounted for before they are released to your care. You will be notified to pick up students once all are accounted for.”

At least 15 dead in Texas primary school shooting

Fourteen students and one teacher are dead following a shooting at an elementary school in Texas.

According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the gunman was an 18-year-old male who lived in the area. The shooting took place in the town of Uvalde, about 83 miles (133km) from San Antonio, America’s seventh largest city.

Mr Abbott said that the shooter used a handgun and possibly a rifle during the shooting, although that is not yet confirmed.

He was shot dead by police. Two officers were also hit during the exchange of gunfire but were not seriously injured.

A news conference with more details is expected shortly. Stay here for all the details.


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