Fri. Jul 1st, 2022
JU Fuel Innovation

Five 5th Year Mechanical Engineering students from Jimma University produced fuel from plastic wastes.

First, we worked in a plastic machine to create fuel by melting without oxygen, said students Abel Dajanee and Tsiyon Baqqalaa.

The students said they tried ten times to reach this discovery and succeeded in the 11th time because plastics not only pollute the environment but also do not provide any benefits after use.

The fuel found can power machinery like tractors ,and can be used for gas butts at home, he said. We will experiment with other machines in the future, said Million Marid, a researcher and lecturer Teaching Technology at Jimma University.

He also said he was followed and evaluated the students’ innovations and advised them, he said. The invented fuel was tested in the laboratory and identified as naphtha or gasoline, he said. He said it is difficult to market the laboratory as 1.5 liters of fuel is being obtained from 3 kg of plastic. If the support of the government and private companies is added, it will solve the fuel problem in the country.

Source: OBN

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By Chala Dandessa

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