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Document exposes Uganda’s attempt to destabilize Ethiopia

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A leaked document exposed Uganda’s attempt to destabilize Ethiopia by training the armed group Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF).

Indicating that it has got credible leaked document, Scoop, an independent news website, on Friday reveals how the Government of Uganda ahs been engaged in training thousands of TPLF insurgents. It is recalled that the son of President Museveni, General Muhozi Kainerugaba, who is in charge of Ugandan land forces and tranied in Egypt and the United States has been publicly showing its support for the TPLF on social media.

“The document details arrangements for the training of 4600 soldiers in four separate training facilities managed by Ugandan commanders – it names the commanders, and states what kinds of training are conducted where along with other operational details of the facilities. All military trainees are Tigrayan and the document contains information related to their transportation and housing as well,” Scoop stated.

The training involves training of assassins of high-ranking officials in Ethiopia, according to the leaked document which listed the Ugandan army generals, and the Ugandan Ambassador in the neighboring South Sudan involved in the training of the anti-Ethiopian regime armed group.

“A large number of personnel involved in the operation are named and their roles are described in some detail. A separate section details the operation in South Sudan which borders South West Ethiopia. These operations are described as being led by Ugandan Ambassador to South Sudan Brigadier Ronnie Balya “with the help of Akol Koor Kuc the Director of Internal Security Bureau of South Sudan” who reports to South Sudan President Salva Kir,” according to leaked document Scoop received.

“Another small section says the operation is supported by the U.S. and Egypt, in the US case saying that $200 million has been advanced towards it via the office of President Yoweri Museveni. The final section describes interactions between TPLF’s two most senior Tigrayan Force Commanders and their Ugandan counterparts with details of two meetings in later 2021,” Scoop stated.

It is recalled that even though unofficial reports have been indicating that the Government of Uganda has been training TPLF fighters in its country to overthrow prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia from power, the Administration of President Museveni has been denying the allegations.

The Ugandan Civilians Involved
The Ugandan Civilians involved in the Tigrayan forces operations

2.1. Hajat Minsa Kabanda
Hajat Minsa Kabanda current minister in charge of Kampala, previously residential city commissioner for Kampala.

Minsa Kabanda works together with Engineer Katumba Muzamir and Walusansa Adir.

2.2. Engineer Katumba Muzamir;
Engineer Katumba Muzamir is a Son of Hajat Minsa Kabanda that Hajat Minsa Kabanda seconded to Yoweri Museveni that they are going to work together.
Hajat Minsa Kabanda delegate Engineer Muzamir on the issues of the Tigrayans and is the only one she delegates on such issues.

These civilians are given simple, simple tasks that is mainly to travel the Tigrayan from border posts into Uganda All these programs are coordinated

2.3. Walusansa Adir
Another person revealed is Walusansa Adir who was once an ADF that operates with Yoweri Museveni.

Walusansa Adir gets orders from Hajat Minsa Kabanda and Brigadier Birungi the director of the chieftancy of military intelligence (CMI) on the issues of the Tigrayan Forces. The major role here for Brigadier Birungi the director of the chieftaincy of military intelligence (CMI) is to provide security for the entrants of the Tigrayans during the time of travelling from border points to the destinations, and also at their destinations. Walusansa is the one who picks some of the Tigrayans coming to Uganda for training by road.

He picks them up from different border points and takes them to the different arrival destinations mostly hotels, where they are kept for some short period of time before posted to the different training centres.

The Allied Countries to the Tigrayan Rebel Forces
The United States
United States is behind the Tigrayan rebel forces and had so far secretly extended 200 million dollars through Yoweri Museveni to facilitate the Tigrayan rebel forces.

Egypt is perfectly behind the Tigrayan Rebel forces

Egypt with Gen. Sameh Sabar, EC – Deguvi who after a meeting with the Ugandan Brigadier Abel Kandiho granted the 28 million dollars

Source: https://newbusinessethiopia.com/politics/document-exposes-ugandas-attempt-to-destabilize-ethiopia/

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