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With a 57-minute break: Bayern loses to ManCity in thunderstorm chaos

FC Bayern had probably imagined the end of the week-long trip to the USA differently. A storm caused chaos at Lambeau Field. But the German record champions couldn’t be satisfied with their performance either in terms of football.

Georg Holzner reports on Bavaria’s trip to the USA from Green Bay, Wisconsin

It was supposed to be the big test match spectacle for the American fans of European football. For a short time, however, the game between FC Bayern and Manchester City was completely on the brink, as insiders in the stadium rumored. Because in Green Bay it is not uncommon for thunderstorms in the evening. There are special rules for this case because Lambeau Field lacks the lightning rods. That means: If there is a flash, the operation is stopped for safety reasons.

It was the same on Saturday night. The kick-off was postponed – for the time being – by 15 minutes – in the hope of improvement. The digital weather forecast, which serves as the basis for the assessment, said: rain, but no thunderstorms. However, the prognosis was not quite right. Two minutes after kick-off, the light show continued in the anthracite-colored evening sky over Green Bay. The referee looked at the situation for ten minutes. Then Manchester City scored 1-0 through Erling Haaland – and the referee interrupted the sporting event after 12:38 minutes.

57 minutes interruption due to severe thunderstorms

A huge cloud front moved over the stadium, it emptied itself with all means given by nature. Lightning, thunder, rain, storm. The fans disappeared behind the stands before the announcement came half an hour later: Let’s go. The show must go on. Cheers broke out, a Laola wave went through the audience. All of them, the 78,128 viewers, wanted the sequel. And they should get the restart.

At 7:25 p.m., after a 57-minute break, the action continued. With shortened halves that only lasted 40 minutes. And a five-minute half-time break in which the players didn’t leave the pitch. So much chaos in Green Bay.

Bayern harmless, City misses many chances

And what happened on the pitch in terms of football didn’t really appeal to Bayern either. Manchester City let the ball run properly. Coach Pep Guardiola’s team also managed to overturn the Munich defense with simple means, a pass into the interface between Bayern’s full-back and the wingers. Dayot Upamecano, who, like Leroy Sané, didn’t look particularly good when he conceded the first goal, had to save with a tackle in the 16th. In the other city chances (4th, 5th, 30th, 36th), the Skyblues just missed the goal. Sven Ulreich also had to save (74′) and the post also saved (78′).

Bayern, on the other hand, acted offensively uninspiring. Only Kingsley Coman was able to prevail in a one-on-one and provided a goal threat with a good cross (38th). The Frenchman was then substituted at half-time. After that, nothing more came from Bayern except for a counterattack initiated by Müller – in the 80 minutes the Munich team couldn’t get a shot on the city goal. Only the defensive line remained stable and in the second round there was little danger in their own penalty area.

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