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The informant in the Dick Marty case: “I was grilled by Switzerland”

The RTS program Mise au point has found the man who, at the end of 2020, warned the Federal Office of Police (FedPol) that individuals had plans to assassinate Dick Marty. According to the RTS investigation, FedPol made a mistake that forced the informant to take refuge in Switzerland.

The man is in his fifties, he was born in Kosovo. He worked for the Yugoslav Intelligence Services in the 1990s before becoming a double agent, a “rat” in criminal jargon.

Clearly, he infiltrates organized crime circles and sells his information to the police and intelligence services. For thirty years, he has worked with several European services, notably Belgian, German and Swiss. He is considered a very reliable source.

This man learned of the existence of a plot against the ex-prosecutor and adviser to Ticino States Dick Marty in the fall of 2020, while he was investigating for the Germans between Serbia and Kosovo. He immediately contacts FedPol.

According to a document from the Public Ministry of the Confederation (MPC) that the RTS was able to consult, he informs it that the assassination was entrusted to Serbs, “who have been carrying out such missions for a long time for the Serbian secret services and who have been formed by them”.

They would be “absolute professionals” who would master the assassination “without leaving a trace”. One of them “has already brought weapons into Switzerland”. Nationalists and opposed to the independence of Kosovo, these men hope that the murder of Dick Marty will be imputed to the Kosovar government, which would thus be discredited on the international level. The double agent provides Switzerland with the names of those behind the murder.

“Serious mistake”

“I gave them a lot of very good information,” the informant explained to Focus. “But then the Swiss authorities fried me. They made a big mistake, I don’t understand how they could do such a thing!”

According to his testimony, which the RTS investigation was able to corroborate, shortly after receiving his information, the Swiss authorities sent a request for information to counterparts stationed in Belgrade.

The Swiss authorities fried me. They made a big mistake, I don’t understand how they could do such a thing!The man who revealed the plot against Dick Marty

FedPol attached to its request the names of the sponsors of the assassination. Taking advantage of a leak, the latter are immediately made aware of the Swiss request and, by cross-checking, immediately understand who betrayed them.

“I was in Pristina at the time, about to travel to Serbia to continue the investigation. I was called from Switzerland to be told that I had to be careful and cut off all contact with the Serbian group. I I was furious! The Swiss have ruined everything”, protests the informant.

The double agent goes to Serbia anyway and tries to convince the criminals that the information does not come from him. Wasted effort. He is threatened. He understands that his life is in danger.

Under protection in Switzerland

Assuming their responsibilities, the Swiss authorities then offered the informant to come and take refuge in Switzerland with his wife and children. FedPol and the MPC assure him total anonymity. At the beginning of 2021, the man moved with his family to German-speaking Switzerland. He benefits from the witness protection program and is given a new identity. He is interviewed by the MPC as part of the investigation into Dick Marty.

“I was housed and they gave me 1000 francs a week,” he says. “It’s not much considering the fact that I lost everything. By grilling me, they ruined thirty years of career.”

By grilling me, they ruined thirty years of career.The man who revealed the plot against Dick Marty

Over the weeks, relations are strained with FedPol and the MPC. The man does not scrupulously respect the security rules of the witness protection program. He even goes to a neighboring country without warning the Swiss.

“It’s true that I didn’t follow all the instructions,” he admits. “But I have a daughter abroad. The Swiss promised me that I could see her.” At the beginning of 2022, the Swiss authorities draw the consequences and inform the double agent that he will no longer be entitled to the witness protection program from the summer.

“I left Switzerland in the spring, I had no choice. After grilling me, the Swiss dumped me like a dog.” Contacted by the RTS, FedPol and the MPC did not wish to comment on this case. Today, the double agent is hiding in a country neighboring Switzerland.

By Chala Dandessa

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